Alcohol, video games and ED pills: common reasons for giving up sex on a wedding night

Most couples expect that their wedding night will be romantic and passionate, but more often, there are situations when couples after the wedding are engaged in entirely extraneous things, neglecting each other’s attention. A group of brides from the UK trustworthy pharmacy, who failed to enjoy sex with a loved one using ED pills at cheapest prices during the first wedding night, conducted an interesting experiment, during which they found out the reasons why newlyweds often refuse sex, writes the Daily Mail.

To do this, they used the Whisper app to buy brand-name medicines and show that expectations are not always true. Using the anonymity of the program, the newly minted wives spared no details about their failed wedding night joys. The most common and obvious reason is fatigue: many couples fell asleep immediately after the end of the banquet. A very familiar situation, which almost all newlyweds laugh at dozens of couples spent the evening opening gifts or milking goodies from the wedding table, instead of having sex.

Today, the level of pharmaceutical care in the UK is much higher than ever before. The education and competency requirements of pharmacists are increasing rapidly. However, despite the difficulties, this is the road to the exciting future of pharmacy. “We too often go to the doctor with problems that the pharmacist could help solve. In this regard, I want us to be a country where the pharmacy is the “entrance gate” of health care,” said British Minister of Health Matt Hancock.

Many women confessed – the couple was so nervous that they simply could not go to sex without buying of drugs at best possible prices from international pharmacies, or the process was interrupted at the most inopportune moment. Several girls shared that their new spouses even managed to spend the night after the wedding in a prison cell. Also, a common cause is alcohol or rather abuse of it. It is not uncommon for a couple to have calculated their strength and fell asleep before the end of the celebration.

Women also talked en masse about alcohol poisoning. Married women told that their wedding night went very differently than expected, as they quarreled with their halves because of everyday topics. Most of them recalled such situations with laughter. Several brides shared stories that they spent the evening after the wedding alone while their husbands played video games. In addition, one girl said that she was so exhausted by the events of the day that she lost consciousness during the prelude.